Engine Building Service

One of our core services is engine building, or rebuilding. We have built many engines since opening our doors to include your daily driver, bone stock Corolla 7A-FE engine to a Darton iron-ductile sleeved 500whp B16A2, to a modestly built 600whp 2JZ-GTE, and everything in between. We only rebuild engines with OEM or OEM equivalent components or if you choose, top quality aftermarket components from manufacturers such as; Arias, Brian Crower, Carillo, Crower, Eagle, JE/CP, Manley, Skunk2, SuperTech, Wiseco etc. We utilize ONLY the best machine shop in southern Colorado and do not compromise quality for anything. Your choice of engine block paint is complimentary, as BLP wants your engine to look great as well as perform great! A few examples of before (left) and after (right) engine bays are below.

240SX SR20DET Engine Bay Before240SX SR20DET Engine Bay After


RSP Supra First Build Engine Bay Before

RSP Supra First Build Engine Bay After












When an engine is removed from a vehicle, the engine bay is immediately pressure washed and any dirt, grease or debris removed. Many customers have stated that their engine bay looks like it did when they first bought their vehicle when they pick up their freshly rebuilt vehicle. As another option to painting engine components, BLP does offer powdercoating, polishing and other coating services. Anything from chrome or black chrome, anodizing, nickel plating, ceramic coating or Jet Hot coating can be done within a reasonable turnaround period. Here are a few examples of engine components that have been coated with various materials by BLP.

CRX Engine Block Painted AluminumCRX Engine Bay After