Project Shop Shuttle xB

Black Label Performance 2005 Scion xB Project Shop Shuttle

In Progress...

xB Project Purchased

xB Project Purchased Front View

Purchased in August of 2011, this '05 xB was picked up at auction with the intention of it becoming the shop shuttle for customers that needed a ride to and from the shop while their vehicle was being worked on. The xB needed help in many ways, to include body damage, curb damaged wheels, leaking shocks, sloppy shift box and foul odors from the interior thanks to a wet dog and some dusty roads. The original plan, since the paint wasn't great, was just to wrap it with a BLP themed design and leave it be. But like all projects at BLP, it has evolved in to more than that. The xB has many miles on it, 156,508 to be exact, but the 1NZ-FE power plant has been known to go for twice that and more if taken care of properly. Sure this is no new xB off of the lot, but it is capable of doing what we ask of it, and doing so well. Even with the higher mileage, she averages 33mpg in town and still has plenty of get up and go for a 1.5L engine.

xB Project Front Suspension


A few mods have been done so far, to include an Injen intake, Tanabe Sustec DF210 lowering springs, Tokico HP Blue shocks and Hotchkis sway bars front and rear. The lowering springs dropped the xB about 2 inches, to give her the proper stance without being too low. The springs, shocks and sway bars together really tightened up the suspension to make handling a dream even at high speeds. An aftermarket larger bumper lip kit front and rear, coupled with a temporary two tone black top Plastidip 'paint' job and some eye-catching black and blue 17 inch wheels, the xB is back to looking pretty good.


xB Project Rear Suspension


The addition of a genuine Toyota fog light kit and BLP 8000K kit for both headlights and fog lights (not shown below) help wrap up the package for now. Below shows the difference between a factory halogen bulb on the left and a BLP 8000K HID kit installed on the right. Quite the difference!

xB Project Headlight Before and After

We have yet to fix the areas of damage to the body, need to do something with the stained and dirty interior and still plan to get the whole vehicle wrapped when time and budget permit, but for right now, she looks decent and drives even better. Plans for an exhaust system, stereo system and possible turbo kit to come when we get some downtime here at the shop. Updates to come!...

xB As Is Currently

xB As Is Currently Rear