Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is your labor rate?

As of December 1st, 2013, our labor rate is $100 per hour. We feel that this labor rate is fair and competitive, especially considering the attention to detail and level of service we provide at BLP. Other labor rates are as follows:

  • Pre-purchase Inspection: $100
  • Level I Diagnostics: Your first hour is on us, after that $100/hour
  • Level II Diagnostics: Your first hour is on us, after that $120/hour
  • Tuning: $120/hour
  • Dyno Baseline (3 pulls): $120
  • Custom Wiring: $120/hour
  • Performance Installation $120/hour
  • Special order parts are subject to any applicable shipping and handling charges

Do you only work on imports?

No. We work on any make, model, year, vintage, domestic, import, or classic. We basically work on anything with four wheels and a motor… sometimes even two wheels.

Do you offer services besides performance work?

Yes. We are a full-service maintenance facility and regularly do general service work to include timing belts, water pumps, engine reseals, overhauls, brakes, clutches, etc. A good rule of thumb is, anything your dealer can do, we can do, in addition to performance work.

Do you offer OEM parts?

Yes. In fact, we ONLY use OEM or OEM equivalent parts unless the part is inordinately expensive or is discontinued from production by the dealer. In most cases, if an OEM part is discontinued, we will use an OEM equivalent part prior to resorting to a typical local aftermarket parts store item. If you have a preference in brand or manufacturer, we are certainly open to using the suggested parts, provided they are good quality and have the same lifespan and reliability as an OEM part.

Do you sell parts?

Yes. We sell both performance and OEM parts. We have strong alliances with both local and national parts suppliers and can provide you with the best performance or OEM parts for virtually any make or model available.

What is your opinion on aftermarket OE replacement parts?

There are some great aftermarket replacement part manufacturers out there. For instance, if you are on a budget and need to fix your car, you may suggest replacing your water pump with a GMB part, rather than an OEM part. In most cases this would work out just fine, but we would push for you to use an OEM part, even if it is more expensive. The OEM part manufacturer knows the vehicle very well, much better than the maker of the replacement part. Small details might fall through the cracks when making the replacement part that will make it not last as long as the OEM part and may eventually cause more harm than good. Sure, the aftermarket manufacturer may offer a lifetime warranty and free replacement of the part, but if the OEM part lasts two, or even three times as long as the aftermarket part, wouldn't it save you more money in the long run to buy the OEM part? People often forget that the part has to not only be purchased, but installed as well. The part may be cheaper to buy initially, but how much will you spend replacing that part multiple times over the next few years? Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but make sure you are educated. As a rule of thumb, always make sure you are educated on not only the part, but the part manufacturer's warranty and terms. Also, be sure to pay attention to the difference in not only price, but quality of a part you are looking to purchase. When in doubt, buy OEM.

What is your opinion on aftermarket performance parts?

This is simple. If we sell it, we stand behind the quality and the manufacturer. We have offers to carry many parts lines that we do not condone for one reason or another. We have learned over the years what parts, and what manufacturers to avoid. If we sell it, feel safe spending your money on it. If we don't sell it, look into why we don't carry it before purchasing it elsewhere.

Do you offer machining service(s)?

Unfortunately, we do not have a machine shop in-house, but we CAN however sublet your machine work to the most trusted machine shop(s) in town.

How long does it take to machine my part(s)?

That depends on many factors: what time of year your parts are dropped off for machining (race season/off-season), what part(s) are to be machined, how many parts need to be machined, etc. For instance, during the off-season a simple re-hone will typically take two to three days, whereas, during race season, the same job might take upward of three weeks. Something like turning and/or balancing a crankshaft might take a week or more during the off-season, and again upwards of three to four weeks during race season.

Do you offer fabrication services?

Yes. We do offer fabrication services, although we are somewhat limited as to what we can fabricate as we are currently without a full-time fabricator on staff. We are currently searching for a full-time fabrication technician. Custom brackets, exhaust systems, charge pipes, etc., are certainly within our current fabrication abilities. We currently are without a properly functioning TIG welder, but can weld stainless steel if need be.

Do you do paint and/or bodywork?

No. We do not do paint or bodywork in-house as we do not have the time, materials or the proper licensing, paint booth, etc. We CAN, however, sublet paint and bodywork through reputable sources that we trust. We can cater to the simple scuff and shoot all the way up to an OEM repaint or color change of your vehicle.

How much will it cost me to repaint my vehicle?

That depends on many factors: such as, what type of end result you are after (OEM finish, simple scuff and shoot, complete color change), is there bodywork to be done, how much bodywork is to be done, etc. We can cater to the simple scuff and shoot all the way up to an OEM repaint or color change of your vehicle.

How much would you charge to tune my vehicle?

That depends. There are many different ways to tune a vehicle: flash tuning, piggy back tuning, standalone engine management system. Each requires a different tuning procedure and amount of time. Some flashable tuning systems require an additional fee for licenses or credits. Piggybacks require installation and placement of the control unit. This unit can be simply placed in a glovebox or custom mounted in the dash. Contact BLP for more information on these systems and their difference in pricing.

Do you have a dyno?

No. Due to zoning restrictions, we are not allowed to operate a dyno at our current location. We CAN, however, dyno/dynotune your vehicle through our sources in town.

How much does dynoing cost?

For a simple three-pull dyno run, our price is currently set at $120. This includes rental of the dyno, setup of your vehicle on the dyno and dynoing of your vehicle by a BLP staff member to include your printout of all three dyno pulls. If any changes are to be made to your vehicle during or in-between pulls, we will require an additional fee. Please refer to dyno tuning below.

How much is a dyno tune?

A complete dyno tune of your vehicle starts at 4 hours ($480). This fee includes rental of the dyno, setup of your vehicle on the dyno, dynoing your vehicle by a BLP staff member and tuning your vehicle during or in-between pulls along with a print out of any dyno pulls. If additional dyno/dynotuning time is required, it is available for $120 per hour.

How much to install my turbo/supercharger kit?

That depends. There are so many different kits out there for so many different cars that it is nearly impossible to pin that price down. Some kits come with injectors, whereas, others do not. Some kits have fuel pumps, piggyback controllers, reduction pulleys, fuel rails, external wastegates, etc. Without knowing exactly what parts your kit contains (or needs to be complete) and who the manufacturer is, we cannot give you an accurate quote over the phone. We encourage you to bring both the intended vehicle and parts to be installed in to the shop for a pre-installation appointment. There is no charge for this appointment and we can sit down and go over your parts, plans and expectations to make sure you have the right kit/parts to reach those goals. We typically require a compression and/or leakdown test prior to installing a forced induction kit to ensure proper engine integrity and to uncover any underlying problems prior to you spending your hard earned money.

Do you sell/install HID kits?

Yes. As a matter of fact, we do. We are one of the only shops in town that will work on HID headlight kits. Other shops do not want to deal with the hundreds of different brands of HID's out there and their well-known difficulties. We will troubleshoot your current HID kit to try to get you back on the road legally with your current kit, but our recommendation will likely be to forgo the kit you have already purchased and/or installed, and purchase a BLP HID Kit. We ONLY sell the most reliable HID kit on the market. We back our HID kits with a three-year free replacement warranty on ballasts and a one-year warranty on bulbs. Not only are our kits affordable, but they deliver on performance and quality as well. Don't get suckered in by the questionably cheaper systems. You truly get what you pay for. We will NOT install a new HID Kit not purchased through BLP. There are simply too many issues with kits other than the kit we sell to outweigh the liability on our part.

What is this fee on my invoice for "Shop Supplies"?

Times are changing. Everything is more expensive today than it was yesterday. The price of petroleum products has gone up drastically over the last two years. In direct relation to that rising cost, BLP has found it necessary to charge a standard fee of $6 to every invoice billed. This fee is scalable up to a maximum of $25 on jobs such as engine builds, turbo installs and fabrication-heavy jobs. This fee includes hazardous waste disposal, oil and coolant disposal fees, PlastiGauge, engine assembly lube and welding supplies (argon, wire, degreaser etc.). Many shops charge this fee if you pay attention to their invoice. This fee helps BLP purchase the necessary supplies to provide you with the quality repair, service and performance you trust. The fee helps pay for consumable products that are used every day, on typical jobs; i.e., rags, gloves, parts cleaner, solder, heat shrink, wire ties, etc. If we did not charge for shop supplies, we would be forced to be more stingy on how much parts cleaner we might use on your vehicle, which would translate into poorer overall service. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service we can to our deserving customers. This fee enables us to do so.


If you have a question that you do not see listed here in the F.A.Q. Section, please feel free to contact us either by phone or email, or submit your question to us directly through our Contact Page.